I am (or have been) the principal investigator of the AtlanMod team for the following funded collaborative projects (besides participating in several others):

MONDO: Scalable Modeling and Model Management on the Cloud

2013 - 2016: 7th Framework Programme, STREP 2012

MONDO tackles the challenge of scalability in Model Driven Engineering (MDE) in a comprehensive manner by developing the theoretical foundations and an open-source implementation of a platform for scalable modelling and model management. More specifically, MONDO provides an integrated open-source platform that consists of components that provide scalable model persistence, indexing and retrieval facilities, support for collaborative modelling, and parallel execution of model queries and transformations, and an Eclipse-based developer workbench that includes tooling for developing these queries and transformations, for querying model indexes, and for constructing large models and domain specific languages in a systematic and disciplined manner.

AutoMobile: Automated Mobile App Development

2013 - 2015: 7th Framework Programme, Research For SMEs

The AutoMobile project aims at designing and bringing to the market innovative methodologies, software tools, and vertical applications for the cost-effective implementation of cross-platform, multi-device mobile applications, i.e. business applications that can be accessed by users on a variety of devices and operating systems, including PC, cellular / smart phones and tablets. AutoMobile exploits the modern paradigm of Model-Driven Engineering and code generation to dramatically simplify multi-device development, reducing substantially cost and development times, so as to increase the profit of SME solution providers and at the same time reduce the price and total cost of ownership for end-customers.

StreamMaster: Smart Management of Document Streams

2012 - 2014: Pole Images et Reseaux, Appel Projets PME 2011

The purpose of the StreamMaster project is creating a universal software solution for the smart management of document streams, providing an added value over all the chain. StreamMaster provides: an hybrid (local and remote) technological platform to allow user access, the possibility of connection to every information system and every input and output stream, the management of all the parameters of the document stream (cost, speed, delay, quality, environmental impact), security and reinforced document authentication mechanisms, non-falsifiable documents by means of invisible document tatooing, an innovative and multimodal HMI.

OPEES: Open Platform for the Engineering of Embedded Systems

2009 - 2012: ITEA 2 Call 3

Open-source tools for system engineering allow the tools to be adapted to run on new hardware or benefit from the openness of the soft code to migrate more easily to a new version of the tools. An open tool platform makes it possible to adapt tools to one’s own process and ensures the long-term availability of tools. OPEES aimed to create a community and build the necessary means and enablers to ensure long-term availability of innovative engineering technologies in the domain of dependable/critical software-intensive embedded systems. The outcome of these efforts became manifest with the creation of Polarsys, implemented as an Industry Working Group in collaboration with the Eclipse Foundation.